Thursday, August 11, 2011

Online sessions

Hello to all of My lovely loyal slaves, here is a new site of which I have joined, I would suggest to check it out and to also add Me on there as well.   I have now decided to just do private sessions rather than work on set days as well, allowing Me to have a greater and more flexible availability for My loyal subs and slaves. Another project I have started doing is online webcam sessions, these shall obviously be cheaper as well as more discrete for those out there who are still a little to shy and humble to come in and serve in person, always a bonus! I can be found on yahoo messenger under

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mistress's Birthday

Hello to all My lovely sluts and slaves, Just a reminder to those who may not have penciled it into their minds that My birthday is approaching, the 27th of July shall be My 30th, so be sure not to forget it! you all have several weeks to save some pennies and offer Me a wonderfull gift from the list that I have complied below.

Things that will make Mistress VERY happy and earn you a special treat! ;)
  • A black BMX bike, a BMX, not just a bike!
  • Speed skates, for roller derby, probably best if you give Me a voucher at a store for these so that I can choose My own colour and size etc. you do the research to find the stores then I'll tell you which store is My preference. I shall be extra excited with the slave who gives Me these :)
  • A new decent laptop computer (not a notebook computer) with a good amount of space on it as well as an inbuilt camera, doesn't have to be to expensive
Things that will make Mistress happily satisfied

  • A queen size feather duck down dooner, a well made one, not a cheap one that falls apart!
  • An ipod docking station with fantastic speakers, not a cheap knock off!
  • A clothes dryer, it can be 2nd hand as long as it is in good working order and condition
  • A decent sized fridge, again, it can be 2nd hand as long as it is in good working order and condition, preferably without a freezer if possible, but not essential.

Things that will make do if nothing else

  • Cash tribute sent via paypal at
  • A gift voucher from myers
  • A gift voucher from spotlight
  • A gift voucher from target

I hope you look forward to My birthday :) Happy shopping slaves!

Mistress Magenta

Monday, May 2, 2011

New establishment

Hello to all My wonderfull followers, as of Monday the 9th of May I shall be working at a new establishment with 2 new fully converted dungeon rooms, The Cromwell Manor, which is located at 66 Cromwell st in Collingwood. Unfortunately as you may or may not know the dominas realm has now closed down, much to the sadness of us all, so I shall now be working Mondays 2pm-8pm, Wednesday and Thursday 12pm-7pm at The Cromwell Manor in Collingwood.
I hope to beat you there soon :)

Mistress Magenta

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh how I love My job!

This was a wonderfully intense session of bondage, cbt, electro and of course other various forms of beautifull torture. An amazing experience for both Myself and of course for the lovely willing slave that I had at My mercy. I do love My bondage, can you tell hahaha.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A lovely newbie experiencing the depths of his desires...I was quiet suprised and impressed with the amount of CBT this subbie could take, especially being a first timer! We had an amazing play time together full of bondage, wax play, CBT, corporal punishment, nipple play as well as sensory deprivation and anal...his international online Mistress demanded that he come in for a session, I certainly hope she receives the photo's so that Her slave can prove to Her what She has asked of him. I must say I certainly had fun with this one :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Come here, so I can punish you!

This will be a session that lasts long in My mind. An amazing and intensive session of corporal punishment, deliciously evil CBT and NT not to mention all forms of bondage, both rope and leather. My most favorite things all wrapped into the one perfect session with the one slave who has been able to take My vicious beatings many times before....oh how I do enjoy to play with this delightfull slave, so submissive, so masochistic, a perfect harmony to Me. I hope to see him again soon, a little gleem in My eye awaits....